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  • New New Media Work: Digital Fire Warrior Headpiece
    Latest piece. A digital image which grew out of a drawing in my sketchbook.. it’s a somewhat different direction for my work, as I continually look to infuse technology into my art practice, and also leverage my technical abilities to expand my creative possibilities. This piece also reflects my passion... Read more »
  • Sun: Brand new painting by Rodney Lee
    This piece is for all those who have known the deepest of darkness, misery, pain. May the light be your guide; each day, may you find the love and strength within yourself to rise like the sun, and keep bringing forth life, to bloom. This painting is entitled “Sun”… Please feel... Read more »
  • Superfine! DC Inaugural Art Fair Exhibit Experience
    A view of the Pure Artistry Works booth installation at Superfine! DC, November 2018 Sooo… I’ve been meaning to get around to this but since I don’t believe anyone subscribes to this blog (yet), it’s probably not a big deal? But this was kind of a big deal! I mean, doing... Read more »
  • Support Philly Artists!
    Philly has the best everything: the best food, the best sports, the best music… so of course we have the best artists! Who says otherwise???... Read more »


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